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Ye Ye

  1. Watch Standout Performances From the Yé-Yé EraNapoleon on LSD, awkward dance moves, and gigantic shiny mobiles ahead!
  2. A Singer-Songwriter on Her Biggest Yé-Yé InfluenceHow France Gall left her mark on one contemporary singer’s music and style.
  3. In Praise of Catherine Deneuve’s Rainy-Day StyleIn The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
  4. Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant Breaks Down Megan’s Yé-Yé Girl LookThe scene marked the first time a minidress was glimpsed on the show.
  5. Why Yé-Yé Girl Style Was Secretly FeministAll those minidresses and lollipops belied a subversive message.