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  1. year in review
    The Year of Facial BalancingIn 2023, the desire for facial symmetry skyrocketed thanks to social media.
  2. year in review
    The Cut’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2023The articles our readers were most deeply engaged with this year, from “It” Girls and Ozempic to rules for modern living.
  3. year in review
    Bravo’s Best and Worst Year EverIn 2023, Andy Cohen’s kingdom of chaos appeared to be too big to fail. What could possibly come next?
  4. year in review
    The 10 Most-Read ‘Brooding’ Columns in 2023The stories from Kathryn Jezer-Morton’s series on parenting that most captured Cut readers’ attention this year.
  5. year in review
    The 9 Most-Read Sex Diaries in 2023From a Hollywood assistant with a sugar daddy to a Connecticut dermatologist excited about a threesome with her husband.
  6. year in review
    A Year Dictated By Matilda DjerfThe influencer turned entrepreneur is the symbol of modern-day idolatry.
  7. year in review
    2023 Was the Year Celebrity Divorces Got Real MessyA look back at the last 12 months of court filings, anonymous sources, and pap strolls with Taylor Swift.
  8. year in review
    A Tabloid Timeline of Taylor Swift’s Most Chaotic YearIt’s been an era, if you will.
  9. year in review
    Woman in RetrogradeSomewhere in the year of girl math, girl dinner, and hot-girl walks with the girlies, maturity became a dirty word.
  10. year in review
    The 10 Most Hyped Haircuts, Colors, and Styles From 2023From messy bobs to bows, these trends reigned supreme.
  11. year in review
    The 8 Most-Hyped Makeup Trends of 2023From “strawberry makeup” to “cloud skin,” the internet’s imagination ran wild this year.
  12. year in review
    8 Buzzy Skin-Care Trends From 2023 That Are Worth the HypeFrom human growth factors to moisture-barrier repair, we uncovered the year’s most popular ways to perfect and protect your skin.
  13. year in review
    The Year of Commuter-coreBring on the cargo pants.
  14. year in review
    The Year Celeb Meal Deals Got WeirdFrom Cardi B and Offset’s date-night dinner at McDonald’s to the Reneé Rapp bowl at Sweetgreen.
  15. year in review
    The Year Fashion Was RobbedFrom the Balmain runway to the mean streets of Tinder, brazen couture heists dominated 2023.
  16. year in review
    Time Traveling With J.Crew’s Olympia GayotHer mind, like her office, is flooded with old things.
  17. year in review
    The Year That Couldn’t Break Megan Thee StallionIf her 2023 career highlights are any indication, Meg will suffer no fools next year.
  18. year in review
    The Year Everyone Started Dressing Like Julia FoxDresses are more sheer than ever before, exposed G-strings are even tinier, and the bare nipple has long since been liberated.
  19. year in review
    All the Vintage Handbags That Made a Comeback in 2023Y2K’s most popular styles came back for a second look.
  20. fashion
    Grace Wales Bonner Gives Us a Tour of Her MoMA ShowThe designer took us through four key pieces that inspire her.
  21. year in review
    The Year in Fashionable Gate-crashersBedbugs, cockroaches, and PETA protesters left no glam event untouched in 2023.
  22. in her shoes podcast
    Cathy Horyn on the Current State of FashionThe Cut’s fashion critic-at-large joined this week’s episode of the In Her Shoes podcast to look back at the year in style.
  23. year in review
    The Year Everyone Became a Fashion CriticHave a hot take? Welcome.
  24. year in review
    A Balenciaga Towel, But Make It … Fashion?Balenciaga’s $925 “towel skirt” is the ultimate troll.
  25. year in review
    Yes, Another Year in Y2K FashionOnly legendary fads make it into the zeitgeist twice
  26. year in review
    The Year in TikTok DramaHorny ice hockey fans, eyelash imposters, DIY feuds — in 2023, there was always something to fight about online.
  27. year in review
    The Year Food-Inspired Beauty Trends Reigned SupremeYou may think you’re wearing regular red blush, but it’s actually called strawberry-girl makeup now.
  28. year in review
    The Year Street Style Got Good AgainPersonal style is alive and well!
  29. year in review
    The Year the Apocalypse Came to FashionIt’s giving deconstruction, disarray, and decay.
  30. year in review
    The Craziest TikTok Beauty Trends to Come Out of 2022Some are good, some are harmful, and some are practices passed down for generations in Black culture.
  31. year in review
    The Best Movies and Shows You Probably Didn’t See This YearFrom the swiftly canceled to the subtly overlooked, these are the best movies and TV shows you probably didn’t see this year.
  32. extremely online
    The Internet’s Most Hellish YearWe spent 2022 giving our online souls over to dark forces. Maybe next year we’ll get ’em back.
  33. year in review
    The Cut’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022The articles our readers were most deeply engaged with this year, from a murder solved in DMs to Meghan Markle’s palace-exit interview.
  34. year in review
    Could Anyone Keep Track of This Year’s Microtrends?In 2022, fashion was defined by the hyperspecific avatars we chose to shape our wardrobes.
  35. year in review
    The Most Unhinged Celebrity Antics of 2022It’s time to reflect on the year and ask ourselves: Which famous people were involved in the silliest scandals?
  36. year in review
    This TikToker Spent 2022 Reviewing Luxury-Store BathroomsWhen you’re about to drop $2,000 but you’ve really gotta No. 2.
  37. year in review
    Y2K Style Is My Back-to-School NightmareIt’s impossible for me to untangle early-aughts style from the mortifications of being a teen.
  38. year in review
    The Year of the Dude SkirtIs it a trend if only a handful of people — in a handful of spaces — can get away with it?
  39. year in review
    The Best Books Cut Editors Read This YearA mix of new voices and alarmingly fresh insights from the past.
  40. year in review
    The Best Sh*t Cut Editors Bought This YearGame changers.
  41. year in review
    The Year I Spent With My Butt OutSee-through skirts and slip dresses became essential parts of my regular wardrobe. What’s next?
  42. year in review
    The Year Men FloppedIn the year of our Lord 2022, some of the most famous and richest men were also the most embarrassing.
  43. year in review
    It Was Julia Fox’s YearAnd Julia Fox’s year only.
  44. year in review
    Celeb-Backed Products Got Wild This YearWould you buy a $2,000 cashmere shirt from Brad Pitt? How about an antimicrobial sponge from Eva Mendes?
  45. year in review
    The 32 Most Absurd Accessories of 2022From joots to balloon shoes.
  46. year in review
    The Dad-ification of FashionThe “dad vibe” is all about comfort, function, and nonchalance, like an outfit you just threw on to run to Lowe’s.
  47. year in review
    The Year in Viral Celebrity FashionRihanna redefined maternity, Florence Pugh showed us revenge dressing, and Heidi Klum was a worm.
  48. year in review
    In Hindsight, 2021 Was the Year of the NoseFrom viral nose trends to nose jewelry, this year was marked by nostrils and nose bridges.
  49. 2021 in review
    The Year in Pete Davidson2021 was pure PDE: Pete Davidson Energy.
  50. year in review
    2021 Was the Year of Duo DressingCelebrity style moments that had us seeing double this year.
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