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  1. Georgia Parents Won’t Let Yoga Influence Their KidsIf you can’t pray in school, you can’t “namaste.”
  2. wellness theories
    Hilaria Baldwin on Dairy, Yoga, and Bringing Her Husband to Barre“In the past when I was young and a dancer, I was so afraid of carbs.”
  3. gallery
    Handstands, Outside of the Yoga Studio and Into Real LifePhotographer Magnus Unnar captures the pain and the sweat of learning to be upside down.
  4. our bodies our selfies
    Instagram Sensation Nude Yoga Girl Explains Her Practice“Yoga helped me accept my body exactly the way it is.”
  5. wellness theories
    An Empire Star on Fries and Curly-Hair Cocktails“I want Chick fil-A now, oh my God.”
  6. wellness theories
    Bobbi Brown on Alkaline Diets and Remembering to Breathe“I’m someone who usually doesn’t breathe.”
  7. wellness theories
    A Victoria’s Secret Model on Drinking Warm WaterHow Lindsay Ellingson does fitness.
  8. stretching
    The Brutal Economics of Being a Yoga TeacherYoga is a growing industry, but it’s getting harder to make a living.
  9. wellness theories
    Tara Stiles: Handstands Won’t Change Your LifeThe yoga guru tells us how she does wellness.
  10. wellness theories
    Carolyn Murphy on the Joys of Doing NothingShe loves avocados and hates the gym.
  11. wellness theories
    Russell Simmons Explains Why Meditation Is Better Than Drinking“We can numb the mind through drugs or we can quiet the mind through stillness and focus.”
  12. true stories
    Cat Yoga Is Perfect for People Who Like Cats More Than YogaLooking for a yoga class that’s actually just you awwwing at cats? We found one.
  13. our bodies ourselves
    The Start-up That’s Driving Black Women to Yoga“I hope that more women of color will be able to center with self-care and self-love in their own lives, and not making it this marginalized thing that you only do on a Saturday.”
  14. look of the day
    Reese Witherspoon Spread Southern Zen“Namaste, y’all!”
  15. love in the time of apps
    Summer Trend: Couples Tormenting Us With AcroYogaPDA plus gym selfies equals the summer’s most excruciating Instagram trend.
  16. look of the day
    Lady Gaga Wore a Ferragamo Skirt to Yoga Interesting.
  17. q&a
    A Prominent Yogi on Fat Yoga, Instagram, and Changing StereotypesJessamyn Stanley is a self-described fat femme who documents her yoga progression on Instagram.
  18. Yoga Stars Are Making Careers Out of Instagram“I thought, I’m cute, I’m strong, I travel to places with cool backdrops, I can do this!
  19. wellness theories
    RuPaul on Plastic Surgery and Being ‘Well’“I’m a sensitive, sensitive man-child. I have to be very careful with what I put into my body.”
  20. portmanteaus
    People Are Doing Yoga in the Snow and You Won’t Believe What They’re Calling ItA ski-in, ski-out situation. 
  21. disgraced gurus
    Yoga Community Has Meltdown As Prominent Yoga Skeeze Faces TrialBikram Choudhury faces six civil lawsuits, regarding accusations of rape and assault.
  22. challenges
    Could You Go 40 Days Without Being Mean?An experiment in being nice — or, as the yogis call it, “medium-soft.”
  23. different ways to sweat
    Congratulations, Yoga, You Won FitnessA fitness popularity ranking. 
  24. legal weed
    Pot Yoga Sounds More Fun Than Hot YogaNama-stay high.
  25. meet cutes
    Joaquin Phoenix Said He Was Engaged to His Yoga Teacher; Lied [Update]A meet-cute that also resolved some back pain. 
  26. bro behavior
    Broga Mats Make Yoga Manly Enough for Bros Mats for men who just want to open their chakras.
  27. getting swoll in crow pose
    Yoga for Swoll HunksWelcome to the dawn of the rise of “beefcake yoga.” 
  28. know thyself
    Hilaria Baldwin Might Be the Last True FreakPosing life. 
  29. chakras
    Emma Watson Became a Yoga Instructor Because She Couldn’t Decide Where to Live“I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself.”
  30. things you can do naked
    Michelle Rodriguez Meditated in the NudeJust like Buddha.
  31. trends
    Ayahuasca Is the New Juice CleanseIt tastes even worse. 
  32. party chat
    Hilaria Baldwin Did Yoga in an NYU Elevator “The security guard said, ‘I worked at your wedding!’”
  33. stretching
    Yoga Should Be a Culture, Not a CultIt’s not about a competition — although that xoJane essay could have you fooled.
  34. clubs
    This Nightclub Is Throwing a Yoga Pants PartyAt once comfortable and uncomfortable.
  35. Watch Lily McMenamy Do Crazy-Ass Yoga in CélineSun salutations in Alaïa, downward-facing dog in Chanel.
  36. debacles
    Lululemon’s Pants Debacle Takes Fat-Shaming TurnSeriously, how could they mess this up even MORE?
  37. workouts
    35 Ways to Get Inspired to Work Out in the ColdBecause “It’s freezing” is not a good excuse.
  38. yogasms
    Now You Can Go to Yoga Class at the SmithsonianAn interactive aspect to the first-ever yoga art exhibit. 
  39. save daughter of the sun
    Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom, Husband Speak Out“Looking at this issue from a planetary level … “
  40. meet the new meme
    Have You Seen ‘Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom’?She’s a yoga meme.
  41. male gaze
    Male Gaze: An Italian Man Does Yoga With His Chihuahua That voice. That dog. That tiger tattoo.
  42. mysteries
    Why Did Lululemon’s CEO Really Leave?Was she fired? Did she quit? And what about the sheer pants?
  43. just underwear
    In Defense of Wearing Thongs to Work OutThey’re not for everybody, but some of us swear by them.
  44. adventures in sex
    How I Turned My Sex Life Into an Exercise RoutineTwelve fitness trends turned into sex acts, 30 minutes a day, two weeks.
  45. sexy exercise
    Here’s a Sexy Yoga Video To get you in the mood for _______.
  46. lists
    Things That Cause Orgasms in Females, According to the InternetPeeing, yawning, sitting, thinking.
  47. loose threads
    Indonesia Tries to Ban Miniskirts; Russell Simmons Plots a Yogawear LinePlus, Vogue Italia’s new cover, Victoria Beckham’s fit model, and more fashion news.
  48. model tracker
    You May Soon ‘Om’ Along With Miranda KerrThe model might host a yoga class.
  49. om god
    Lady Gaga’s Yoga Teacher Mouths OffWell, that’s what her yoga instructor says.
  50. beauty marks
    Marc Ecko to Launch Fragrance; Yoga Promises Natural Face-liftPlus, bergamot oil is a natural deodorizer, and spraying your makeup with hairspray will keep your paint in place.