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  1. culture wars
    Dannon Yogurt Drops Spokesperson Cam NewtonThey’ve yet to comment on Jourdan Rodrigue’s racist tweets.
  2. culture war
    Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Admits Defeat in Battle Against ChobaniThe Infowars host settled with Chobani on Wednesday.
  3. culture war
    Here’s Why Chobani Yogurt Is Suing Far-Right Radio Host Alex JonesAlex Jones’s latest legal battle is against a yogurt company.
  4. wellness theories
    Why You Should Eat a Cookie Before Your WorkoutReally. And not fake cookies either.
  5. swellness
    How One Woman Was Able To Cope With Chronic Pain From FibromyalgiaWhat’s it like when doctors don’t believe you and you live with chronic pain.
  6. big yogurt
    A Brief History of Terrible Yogurt Commercials Targeted at WomenWe’re smarter than this, Big Yogurt.
  7. women love yogurt
    Pretend This Yogurt Ad Isn’t an Ad for One SecBe cool for one second, okay.
  8. this is weird
    Woman Made Possibly Delicious Yogurt From Her VaginaYes.
  9. things we should know
    How Probiotics Will Improve Your SkinGwyneth Paltrow’s holistic doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman, explains the concept of “friendly” bacteria.
  10. truth in advertising
    Meet the Three Cliché Women of Diet Food Ads“Muffins and women can’t co-exist.”