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  1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Insane YA Series About an ‘Alpha’ Girls’ SchoolOverwhelming late capitalist undertones aside, I tried hard to be worthy of this fictional school.
  2. young adult
    Bernie Sanders Is Your New Favorite YA AuthorHis YA book, The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, comes out this month.
  3. quotables
    Y.A. Author: Teen Sex Scenes Can Temper Porn’s InfluenceThey’re gonna get the information somewhere. 
  4. mythbusting
    Study: Scarlet Fever Did Not Blind Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Pretty SisterLittle Lies on the Prairie.
  5. someone had to say it
    Charlize Theron Perplexed by Hello Kitty CrapGod, it’s awesome when celebrities say this stuff.