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  1. coming of age on youtube
    Rebecca Black Records Herself Watching ‘Friday’A YouTube star looks back.
  2. hunger games beauty
    The 7 Best Catching Fire YouTube Makeup TutorialsThe odds of getting “the look” are in your favor.
  3. mommy blogging
    Kids’ Preposterous Updos Are YouTube SenstationsIt’s an Olympic-level fishtail.
  4. micro-fame
    ‘Am I Pretty or Ugly?’: When Teen Girls Court HatersCaught in the feedback loop between haters and fame.
  5. youtube stars
    9 (Serious) Tips for Becoming a YouTube Beauty StarOne of the Internet’s top vloggers on how to go viral.
  6. sex education
    This Is What Happens When You Ask a Stranger for Sex If you’re a woman, you’re more likely to get a yes.
  7. holidaze
    Great Holiday Beauty Tutorials From YouTubeThey make it look so easy.
  8. i wanna be like liz
    Five Ways to Re-create a Liz Taylor Beauty LookLest you take any inspiration from Lindsay Lohan.
  9. do it youtube
    Hurricane Housebound? Seven Beauty Tricks to Teach Yourself via YouTubeSuddenly, you’ve got plenty of time for YouTube beauty tutorials.
  10. loose threads
    Beckham’s Elle Cover; Frankel’s ‘Real’ CampaignPlus, Gia Coppola for DVF, Olivia Palermo’s trademarking spree, and more fashion news.
  11. too sexy for youtube
    Madonna Can’t Believe Her ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video Got CensoredReally?
  12. slash jobs
    YouTube’s CEO Quits Job to Join the Fashion WorldHe’s making laptop covers!
  13. model tracker
    Coco Rocha’s Dad Is Just As Cool As CocoThe model made a video with her father where they bounce around to a song from the ‘Jungle Book.’
  14. beauty marks
    Laetitia Casta Stars in Bulgari Fragrance Campaign; Ed Westwick’s Favorite Lip BalmAnd Alicia Keys’s makeup at the BET Awards was inspired by Morocco.
  15. beauty marks
    Gross News of the Day: YouTube Hosts Thousands of Plastic-Surgery VideosDoctors ask patients to post videos of their surgeries on YouTube in exchange for discounts. But is this really an effective form of advertising?