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  1. celebrity engagements
    A Comprehensive Guide to 2019’s Messiest ‘Celebrity’ ‘Engagement’YouTuber Jake Paul is apparently engaged to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau … and Bella Thorne is also somehow involved.
  2. sex math
    YouTuber Running for Congress Attempts Sex Math“Joey Salads” says he has had sex “not Thousands [of times], but deff over 1000.” Does the math check out?
  3. talking to
    How to Survive Having an Internet-Famous RelativeNine people on the perks and pitfalls of having an influencer in the family.
  4. youtubers
    This Video by Miranda Sings About Getting Divorced Is Almost Too PainfulYouTube personality Colleen Ballinger (a.k.a. Miranda Sings) got understandably emotional.
  5. Gay YouTube Star Charged With Faking His Own Assault, Calling It a Hate CrimeCalum McSwiggan claimed he was attacked by three men outside a gay club in Los Angeles.
  6. the youth
    28 Teens Injured at YouTuber ConcertKanye West was not involved.