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  1. ze french
    The ‘Jesus in a Bottle’ French Skin-Care ProductThe cult following of a very, very stinky lotion.
  2. ze french
    Fashion Robberies on Paris’s Swankiest Streets Spawn RidiculeA curious form of class warfare.
  3. ze french
    Are You Following France’s Presidential Love Triangle Yet?It’s a double triangle. 
  4. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  5. France Poised to Ban Child Beauty PageantsTheir loss.
  6. tabloids
    More Charges in Kate Middleton Topless-Photo ScandalA magazine editor and two more photographers.
  7. ze french
    Carla Bruni on Smoking E-Cigarettes: ‘It’s Delicious’She prefers the mint-flavored variety.
  8. ze french
    Coca-Cola-Flavored Wine Is Upon UsIt’s called Rouge Sucette, “Red Lollipop.”
  9. it’s science
    French Guy Says We’re All Set Without BrasAnd the French get Frencher.
  10. ze french
    Bernard Arnault Won’t Become a Belgian Citizen Because You Have Trust IssuesCan he live?
  11. ze french
    9 Thoughts on Carla Bruni’s Upcoming AlbumA must-buy.
  12. ze french
    Carla Bruni Renaissance Now Involves Lana Del ReySave her from becoming Hipster Runoff fodder!
  13. ze french
    New Amis: Carla Bruni and Terry RichardsonThey’re supposedly working on a Bulgari ad.
  14. ze french
    See Behind the Scenes at Carla Bruni’s French Elle ShootSet to the tune of her single “Chez Keith and Anita.”
  15. paris fashion week fall 2013
    Ashleigh Good Is Paris Fashion Week’s Top ModelAnd nine others who had the time of their vies.
  16. ze french
    Ten CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Alum to Go to ParisA Tommy Hilfiger–sponsored voyage.
  17. celebrotica
    Natalie Portman Moves to Paris, Black Swan–ifiedOur resident romance novelist rewrites the tabloids.
  18. everybody loves raymond
    Carla Bruni Writes Song for Nicolas Sarkozy Called ‘My Raymond’Not following the logic here.
  19. ze french
    Bernard Arnault Stops by the Bank, Transfers $7.9 Billion From France to BelgiumCan you do that at the ATM, or … ?
  20. An Ode to Snoop Dogg’s French TipsIt’s really a rap.
  21. ze french
    Carla Bruni’s Little French Songs to Drop This Spring, YoThe album is “practically finished.”
  22. ze french
    French Person Brigitte Bardot Would Also Like to Move to RussiaShe said France is “nothing more than an animal cemetery.”
  23. ze french
    Looks Like Belgium Will Remain ‘in Need of’ Bernard ArnaultFrance got rid of its 75 percent super-tax on the rich.
  24. ze french
    Belgium ‘Is in Need of’ Famous Person Bernard ArnaultPack your monogrammed valises, Bernie.
  25. ze french
    Carla Bruni Doesn’t Need to Be Feminist“On the contrary, I’m a bourgeois.”
  26. spill the wine
    Carla Bruni Will Deliver Your Wine for €200,000“At €250,000 my husband [Nicolas Sarkozy] will deliver it with me.”
  27. ze french
    Carla Bruni and Baby Giulia Went to the DoctorCaaaaarlaaaaa!
  28. love and basketball
    GIF: Olivier Sarkozy Kisses Mary-Kate Olsen at the Knicks GameThe Cut makes a Kiss Cam.
  29. you can call me val
    French ‘First Lady’ Is ‘an Unpinned Grenade’Says her boss.
  30. ze french
    Carla Bruni: New French ‘First Lady’ Should Be a ‘Legitimate Wife’Deep breaths.
  31. the karl of it all
    Lagerfeld Didn’t Call French President an IdiotDuh.
  32. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Called the French President an ‘Idiot’Ooh la.
  33. ze french
    Carla Bruni Ordered $1,100 Worth of CarryoutIncluding four pizzas with “crispy crust and soft cheese.”
  34. you can call me val
    French ‘First Lady’ Charmingly Referred to As ‘First B—-’Girl power, etc.
  35. to knight is the knight
    Bernard Arnault to Be Your Knight in Shining VuittonThanks to the British Empire.
  36. ze french
    Carla Bruni Sang a Song on French TVAlong with uncoordinated audience applause.
  37. ze french
    Emmanuelle Alt Hasn’t Seen CR Fashion BookOne day.
  38. ze french
    Happy Birthday, Brigitte Bardot!Or should we say … bon anniversaire!?
  39. look book
    The Emmanuelle Alt Look BookThe French Vogue editor exemplifies uniform dressing.
  40. Nightlife: A Peek Into the Underground Clubs and Fashion Bars of ParisSome of them are literally below ground, in basements designed by David Lynch.
  41. ze french
    ‘Carla the Worker’ Statue Unveiled Ahead of Bruni’s France 2 PerformanceAn uncanny likeness.
  42. ze french
    Carla Bruni Is Going to Sing a Song on French TVOn September 29.
  43. ze french
    Naomi Campbell Not a Suspect in Zac Posen Slap“Voilà.”
  44. lawsuits
    Bernard Arnault Suing Over Libération Cover“Casse-toi riche con!”
  45. ze french
    Valérie Trierweiler’s Bikini Body Shame Only Worth 2,000 EurosBetter luck next time.
  46. ze french
    François Hollande Took Away John Galliano’s Legion of HonorHe received it in 2010.
  47. things that are printed on paper
    First Looks: Inside the New French VogueEmmanuelle Alt made some changes.
  48. ze french
    L’Wren Scott Decided to Show at Paris Fashion Week This SeasonThere are worse things.
  49. ze french
    Valérie Trierweiler Wasn’t Ready for the World to See Her Bikini BodyToo bad.
  50. ze french
    The Theme of French Vogue Is the Color BlackAnd the magazine got a makeover.
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