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Zero Tolerance Policy

  1. power
    Kirstjen Nielsen Wants the World to Think She ‘Spoke Truth to Power’The woman behind Trump’s family-separation policy is now trying to position herself as someone with morals.
  2. family separation policy
    More Than 500 Migrant Children Are Still Separated From Their FamiliesThe court-ordered deadline for family reunification passed in July.
  3. family separation policy
    ICE Official Has a Pretty Twisted Idea of What Summer Camp Is LikeHe said immigrant detention centers, where children sleep in cages, have basketball courts, exercise classes, and soccer fields.
  4. immigration
    Trump Admin Ordered to Stop Injecting Migrant Children With Psychotropic Drugs“Two staff members pinned down the girl … and a doctor gave her one or two injections,” one child testified.
  5. family separation policy
    Only 57 Immigrant Kids Under the Age of 5 Have Been Reunited with Their FamiliesHere’s what we know about what will happen next.
  6. zero-tolerance policy
    Trump Administration May Have Separated Family of U.S. Citizens for Up to a YearOfficials revealed the information during a Tuesday court hearing.
  7. zero-tolerance policy
    Read This Immigrant Mother’s Shocking Details of Her Child’s Detention“When I took off his clothes he was full of dirt and lice.”
  8. gallery
    This Art Show Explores Motherhood, Supports Immigrant FamiliesThe pieces will be on view for one night only.
  9. the body politic
    Summer of RageWhite men are the minority in the United States — no wonder they get uncomfortable when their power is challenged.
  10. zero-tolerance policy
    Melania Trump Asks Kids If They’ve ‘Made Friends’ in Immigration FacilityShe visited another facility for immigrant children.
  11. hot shot
    Melania Leaves Tasteless Jacket at Home on Second Trip to Detention CenterThe First Lady opted for an uncontroversial look on her second visit to a detention center for immigrant children.
  12. zero-tolerance policy
    Melania Trump Is Visiting Another Immigrant Detention CenterWill she wear that “I really don’t care” jacket again?
  13. immigration
    Journalist Says Images of Tent City for Immigrant Children Are ‘Sanitized’“This is a very, very sanitized version of the truth.”
  14. zero-tolerance policy
    How Parents in Detention Centers Keep Their Kids CloseThey were afraid their kids would be taken during the night.
  15. family separation policy
    Trump Administration Says It Has a Plan to Reunite Separated Migrant FamiliesThere are reportedly 2,053 separated migrant children still in custody.
  16. family separation policy
    Even If Families Are Reunited, They Face a New Kind of TraumaThe lasting mental-health effects of the family-separation policy.
  17. zero-tolerance policy
    How Many Immigrant Children Still Haven’t Been Reunited With Their FamiliesMany more still remain separated.
  18. immigration
    Pentagon Is Making Room for 20,000 Immigrant Children on Military BasesThe space for unaccompanied migrant children could be ready as early as next month.
  19. zero-tolerance policy
    Gayle King on What She Saw at the U.S.–Mexico BorderThe CBS This Morning co-anchor talks to the Cut about covering the brutal family-separation policy in Texas.
  20. zero-tolerance policy
    I Worked at an ‘Unaccompanied Alien Child’ ShelterHere’s what happens to immigrant kids when they’re detained.
  21. family separation policy
    Trump Ends Family-Separation Policy, Will Jail Families Together InsteadFamilies will no longer be separated, but they will still be detained indefinitely.
  22. family separation policy
    The Lasting Damage of Depriving a Child of Human TouchAt detention centers along the border, workers are forbidden from hugging or physically soothing traumatized children.
  23. family separation policy
    New York Is Suing Trump Over ‘Heartless’ Family-Separation PolicyThe class-action lawsuit accuses the federal government of violating the human rights of immigrants seeking asylum.
  24. family separation policy
    Migrant Mom Says Federal Agents Ripped Away Her Baby While She Was BreastfeedingThe woman was detained under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy.