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  1. High Numbers of Brazilian Women Are Avoiding Pregnancy Due to Zika FearsA new study confirms that it’s a social trend.
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    Life After Zika: What It’s Like to Raise a Baby With MicrocephalyA young family struggles to care for their daughter. Their story in pictures.
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    There’s a Zika Treatment in the Works for Pregnant WomenIt’s good news for Zika prevention, too.
  4. warnings
    Thanks to Zika, Pregnant Women Told to Consider Not Traveling to Southeast AsiaSame goes for women trying to get pregnant.
  5. finally
    Senate Approves Long-Delayed Zika-Funding BillThe $1.1 billion measure is expected to pass the House later today.
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    Biologist Drops Fire Track About ZikaMC BuggZ is very, very earnest.
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    Zika Has Officially Come for Your Miami VacationThere are five confirmed cases in Miami Beach and a new travel advisory.
  8. snapchats are forever
    Demi Lovato Is Sorry for Laughing About Zika on SnapchatProbs not the best move.
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    Zika Could Remain in Semen for As Long As 6 MonthsNot good.
  10. reproductive rights
    Marco Rubio Is Against Abortion Even in Cases of Zika“But if I’m going to err, I’m going to err on the side of life.”
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    Americans Are Somehow More Okay With Late-Term Abortions If Zika Is InvolvedThere are other causes of birth defects, folks.
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    Soccer Fans Show Hope Solo Exactly How They Feel About Her Zika CommentsShe got booed during the Olympic opener.
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    CDC Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Miami Neighborhood Where Zika Was FoundFor now, it’s just a small area.
  14. calm the frick down
    Why the Olympics Are Unlikely to Spread ZikaDeep breaths, everyone.
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    There Are Now 320 Pregnant Women in the United States With ZikaLast week, the number was 287.
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    So Sorry to Hear That Zika Is Messing Up Your Destination WeddingLiteral First World problems.
  17. political football
    Of Course the Zika Funding Bill Excludes Birth Control and Planned ParenthoodCongress, tossing women’s health around like a football since forever.
  18. mass hysteria
    How Worried Should You Be About Zika, Really?It depends on where you live, and if you want kids soon.
  19. things that are problematic
    Thousands of IUDs and Pill Packs Donated to Puerto Rico Are Just Sitting AroundThe government needs another $20 million to distribute them.
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    W.H.O. Tells People in 46 Countries to Delay Pregnancy Because of ZikaLooks like it’s time for historically Catholic Latin-American countries to get serious about birth control.
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    Olympian Reminds World That Preventing Zika Isn’t Only a Woman’s JobBritish long jumper Greg Rutherford is going to have his sperm frozen.
  22. morning news news
    Savannah Guthrie Is Pregnant, Will Skip Rio Olympics Because of the Zika VirusThe Today show co-anchor is due in December.
  23. The List of Zika-Related Birth Defects Just Got LongerMore details emerge on what the World Health Organization is calling “congenital Zika syndrome.”
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    Zika Might Be Spread Through Blow Jobs TooNot even oral sex is 100 percent safe.
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    The Day-Biting, Disease-Spreading Asian-Tiger Mosquito Is HereThis indiscriminate insect is out for your blood.
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    Exposed to Zika? Delay Pregnancy for 8 WeeksA changed variable in the baby-making equation.
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    Don’t Worry, There Will Be Plenty of Condoms at the OlympicsIncluding lube and female condoms.
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    Researchers Are Studying Twins for Zika CluesWhy does one baby — but not the other — develop microcephaly?
  29. The U.S. Isn’t Ready for ZikaNo one expects it to spread here like it has in other parts of the world. Still, some smaller outbreaks are likely to occur.
  30. Zika Is Even More Damaging to Fetal Brains Than Scientists Feared“We do not know what will become of this generation.”
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    Experts Now Agree That Zika Can Cause MicrocephalyBut infectious-disease experts still don’t know exactly what percentage of infected women will give birth to babies with the defect.
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    New CDC Guidelines on Zika Could Have People Putting Off PregnanciesAnyone who’s been to the Zika zone should wait at least eight weeks before trying to get pregnant.
  33. My Month With ZikaIf you’re a pregnant American who’s at risk, doctors have no idea what to do with you.
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    Rude Male Sperm Giving Zika to WomenMale privilege extends to testicles, it seems.
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    Brazil Is Being So Dumb About Zika and AbortionHarsher penalties would just mean more illegal procedures.
  36. Pope Says Contraception Might Be Okay for Women Threatened by Zika VirusHe said there is a “moral difference” between abortion and prevention.
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    Contraception Still Banned, Says Catholic ChurchThey’re doubling down in the face of Zika.
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    Olympians Are Starting to Panic About ZikaYou’re not helping.
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    Welcome to the Age of Robot AnimalsAre mosquito soldiers the answer to the Zika virus?
  40. centers for disease control and overreaction
    The CDC Has Now Banned Sex As Well As BoozeAre you okay, CDC?
  41. women helping women
    How One Brazilian Doctor Connected Zika to Birth DefectsAdriana Melo didn’t even have research funding when she made a discovery heard around the world.
  42. women helping women
    This Group Is Giving Free Medical Abortions to Women in the Zika ZoneWomen on Web is stepping in where reproductive rights are restricted.
  43. genius ideas
    To Deal With Zika, Just Don’t Get Pregnant, Says El SalvadorGreat plan from a country where abortion is illegal and sex ed is limited.
  44. inquiring minds
    Hey Mom, Please Calm Down About ZikaYour future grandchildren will be fine.