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  1. astrology
    Maybe Plan Your Month Around the Phases of the MoonYour Gcal, but make it astrology.
  2. astrology
    Make Plans to Chill During This Weekend’s Lunar EclipseKeep the drama to a minimum — trust me.
  3. astrology
    This Weekend’s Solar Eclipse Might Transform YouSome astrological advice for how to brace for it. (Starting with, don’t stare at the sun.)
  4. astrology
    How Astrologers Track Planets to Explain Pretty Much AnythingWelcome to Astrology 2.0: Aspects.
  5. astrology
    Get Your Ambition Back With MarsAn astrological guide to the planet that will help you tap into whatever it is that drives you.
  6. astrology
    Mercury Retrograde Is Back … and It’s a Good Thing?!Here’s how to make the most of it.
  7. astrology
    Astrology’s Secret Weapon to Understanding Your Romantic RelationshipsA guide to all things Venus — yes, including Venus retrograde.
  8. star material
    Venus Retrograde Is Coming for Your SummerThe key to surviving it? Just give in.
  9. star material
    Your Summer Plans, Astrologically SpeakingWake up, babe: it’s the summer solstice. Here’s what you can expect from the stars.
  10. star material
    How to Make Astrology’s Spookiest Planet Work for YouYes, Pluto is terrifying. No, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  11. star material
    Jupiter Is Entering Taurus to Bring Us Some Needed ReliefThank the stars.
  12. star material
    Yet Another Eclipse Is Coming to Wreak Astrological HavocAnd it’s happening in Scorpio. Chills.
  13. star material
    This Solar Eclipse in Aries Will Shake Things UpBatten down the hatches.
  14. star material
    Yeah, It’s Time for Mercury Retrograde AgainAnd this one is going to force us to loosen up.
  15. star material
    Pluto Is Entering Aquarius (and Sending Everyone Into a Spiral)The last time this happened was in 1777.
  16. star material
    This Saturn-in-Pisces Transit Is About to Make Things WeirdIn a good way! Maybe!
  17. star material
    A Handy Guide to Neptune in AstrologyIt’s a pretty intense planet.
  18. star material
    Your 2023 Astrological Love ForecastA little Valentine’s Day treat.
  19. star material
    An Astrological Guide to UranusAstrologers pronounce it Ur-en-es or Ur-ah-nes, so you can keep the jokes to yourself.
  20. star material
    Say Buh-Bye (Finally!) to Mercury Retrograde… And hello to Mercury Retroshade.
  21. star material
    An Astrological Preview of 2023There’s no easy way to say this: There will be four (four!) Mercury retrogrades. Sorry!
  22. star material
    Plan Your Future With the North and South Nodes in AstrologyWe’re talking destiny, people!
  23. star material
    Asteroids Are a Good Thing — in AstrologyThey’re not harbingers of chaos. They’re harbingers of understanding (your birth chart, specifically).
  24. star material
    Gird Your Loins: Mars Retrograde Is ComingThink Mercury retrograde on steroids.
  25. star material
    A Guided Tour of the 12 Astrological HousesZillow but make it zodiac.
  26. star material
    The Trick to Understanding Astrological CompatibilityTime to memorize your elements.
  27. star material
    This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Will Challenge Your RelationshipsNot that that’s a bad thing.
  28. star material
    Rising Sign: What Is It, and What Does It Mean?Your ascendent sign explains everything — like, actually.
  29. tiktok
    The Best TikTok Astrology AccountsYou don’t need to know what time you were born to enjoy these accounts.
  30. holiday gifts
    10 Beauty Gifts for Your Astrology-Obsessed FriendThe stars have truly aligned this holiday season.
  31. scorpio season
    Scorpio, This Lipstick Is Just for YouBite Beauty’s newest zodiac shade is fiery and bright.
  32. oh my stars
    Astrologer Susan Miller Has Created a Lip BalmStars in your eyes and on your lips, thanks to Fresh.