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  1. weddings
    Taylour Paige Got Married on Her BirthdayTwo weeks after announcing their engagement, she and Rivington Starchild tied the knot.
  2. breakout
    Meet the Costume Designer Behind ZolaDerica Cole Washington got her first job by reaching out on Pinterest.
  3. encounter
    Colman Domingo, Voice of the GodsThe dandy for the modern age is finally getting his moment in the spotlight
  4. dream date
    Nicholas Braun is No One’s FoolThe Succession actor talks bad romances, dating rituals, and his very misunderstood Zola character.
  5. culture
    Please Just Give Us the Entire Zola Movie NowA new trailer for the film based on the infamous Twitter thread looks incredible.
  6. How to Pick the Right Invitations for Your WeddingA wedding expert helps us master this small but essential detail.
  7. What You Should Know Before Starting to Plan Your WeddingAn easy-to-follow guide.
  8. Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Wedding OnlineFrom making a tasteful website to building a practical registry.
  9. quotables
    ‘Queen of Hoeism’ Zola Tells the Story Behind Her Twitter SagaIn an interview with Rolling Stone.
  10. special investigations
    OK, So Was the Zola Twitter Story True or False?Looking at the cold, hard facts.
  11. The Zola Show and Why It Was Hard to Look Away What our obsession with Twitter’s “Story of the Year” says about us.