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  1. isolation
    The Zoo Animals Are Lonely and BoredThey miss our smells.
  2. coronavirus
    Soothe Yourself With These Zoo LivestreamsShelter in place with some polar-bear cubs.
  3. teens these days
    This Teen Boy Jumped Into a Zebra Exhibit to Get a Girl’s Phone NumberAll to get a girl’s phone number.
  4. Zoo Elephants Need Friends and HobbiesSocial and mental stimulation may be even more important than the size of their enclosures.
  5. lisa frankification
    Fancy Polar Bears Are Pooping GlitterIn Canada, in lots of different colors.
  6. schadenfreude
    This Sad Elephant’s Love Life Sucks More Than YoursTake comfort in his plight.
  7. body issues
    Man Girdles Are All the RageWomen are not the only ones who want to conceal bit of extra flesh around the midsection with Spanx: Men do, too. And you know what? They are! Take Robert Verdi: